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The commitment of BMCE Bank Of Africa for the protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development is rooted in the strategy of the bank since its privatization, at the initiative of its chairman

Firmly focusing on the future, BMCE Bank puts the environment and the green economy at the heart of its current and future concerns with the ambition to contribute to a better world.

After many years mobilized in the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in its activities, BMCE Bank has gained an "EXPERTISE" in the sustainable finance, additional source of growth for the financial institutions.


Social responsability: A deep-rooted culture and an established leadership.

During the last fifteen years, BMCE Bank of Africa has truly strengthened its position as the leader in Responsible Finance, driven by the conviction that the financial sector plays a fundamental role in achieving a sustainable, positive and inclusive economy.

Commitment of medersat.com

Since 1995, BMCE Bank Foundation, led by Dr. Laila Mezian Benjelloun, in favour of education in rural areas is a role model in Morocco and Africa.

  • Nearly 18 600 children were enrolled in the education system
  • Over 6000 adults, particularly girls and women where schooled
  • More than 1 350 people, including 40% women , benefited from Community Development
  • 3 school complexes were built and equipped in Senegal, Congo Brazzaville and Mali.
Adopting a CSR approach

Environmental and energy issues are rooted in the sustainable strategy of the bank. Taking into account the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues is a priority at all levels:

  • The implementation of the Social and Environmental Risk Management System in partnership with IFC
  • BMCE bank’s voluntary Adoption of the Equator Principles (EP)
  • The signature of the 1st Partnership of SEMED region, with the EBRD, the EIB, AFD and KfW for the sustainable energy financing which led to the development of the Cap Energie product as part of the MorSEFF
  • The1st Bank in the MENA region which has obtained the international ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System
  • The only ISO 50001 certified Moroccan bank for its Energy Management System
  • HEQ – High Environmental Quality - Cerway International Certification, for the new headquarters "BMCE Bank Of Africa Academy".
African Entrepreneurship Award

The African Entrepreneurship Award confirms the bank's CSR approach by encouraging entrepreneurs to submit projects that have a real and lasting positive impact on the environment.

  • More than 5100 proposals submitted
  • 2900 potential projects
  • 98 countries represented including 54 from Africa
  • More than 80 mentors-partners from Africa, Europe, Asia and North America
  • An average age of 34 years old for the Entrepreneurs.

For over 20 years, BMCE Bank of Africa grants greater importance to sustainable development by carrying out concrete high added value actions. These actions have become over the years, the pride of the bank, regularly recognized and rewarded.

  • 2016
    Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards - the 1st prize in Arab region's CSR and Sustanable development, for the 3rd consecutive year
  • 2015
    A bank at the service of Entrepreneurship in Africa with African Entrepreneurship Award
    Launch by BMCE Capital Gestion (subsidiary of BMCE Bank) of the 1st SRI Fund "FCP Capital ISR"
  • 2014
    Top-CSR performer in Morocco by Vigeo.
    Arabia CSR Awards
  • 2013
    Pre-selection of BMCE Bank to FT/IFC Sustainable Bank of The Year - Africa/Middle East
  • 2012
    Socially Responsible Bank of the Year in African Banker Award
  • 2011
    Online publishing of the 1st Report "Equateur Principles"
  • 2010
    Membership in the Equateur Principles
  • 2008
    Set up the Social and Environmental Risk Management System in partnership with IFC
  • 2004
    1st Vigeo Rating in Morocco on human rights and societal commitments
  • 2000
    Membership in the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative UNEP-FI
  • 1998
    Launch of an environmental management approach within the Bank
  • 1995
    Establishment of BMCE Bank Foundation

Because of its pioneering approach with regard to sustainable finance, BMCE Bank has gained a specialized expertise in this area that enables to support customers in improving their social and environmental performance.

The bank's financing solutions

Morseff-Cap Energie program

  • A dedicated loan to private companies to finance their acquisition of equipment and/or the achievement of investment projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Investment fund SRI

  • FCP Capital ISR is the first fund in the Maghreb and MENA region, taking into account performance criteria in social responsibility
  • Based on the research and recommendations of the independent agency Vigeo Eiris, leader in the extra-financial rating of the largest capitalizations in the world
  • Allows investors to choose an investment in conformity with their social ethical convictions, while taking into account the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

Issuance of Green Bonds

  • Issuance of 500 million MAD « Green Bonds » whose revenues are exclusively used to finance approved environmental projects, thus offering new opportunities of investment in environmentally-friendly development projects which have a positive impact on the climate.

Funding Adaptation to: water line

  • BMCE Bank engages in new financing lines for the optimization and management of resources: green line / blue line
  • Implementation in progress of a dedicated water line of 20 million euros, with technical assistance, in order to support the financing "treatment of industrial waste water" in Morocco, in partnership with international donors.

Funding of Mitigation: Green Line

  • Setting up an innovative financing line of 20 million euros with international donors, to support the funding of the circular economy "solid waste management" in Morocco.

They adopted our solutions

Driven by the conviction that the financial sector plays a fundamental role in achieving a sustainable, positive and inclusive economy, BMCE Bank of Africa has confirmed its position as a leader in Responsible Finance. In this regards, the bank is the pioneer in the marketing of green solutions to build a real lasting relationship with its customers.

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